Flowers are a beautiful and a perfect way of expressing one’s emotions. They reach out to the one whom you want to be with when your presence in person may not be possible. By sending flowers by post we make sure that our presence is felt and acknowledged for.

People send funeral flowers by post when they may not be able to attend it in person. Funeral flowers generally include roses, mostly white in color which soothes the eye of the viewer. Other flowers include Lilies, Chrysanthemum, Orchids and so on. Generally the colors are chosen to be soft and pleasing to the eye.

Funerals flowers may be in the form of wreaths, funeral baskets, crosses or even tribute letters. These may range from around £75 to around £500, a lot depending on the type and the number of flowers one wants to be sent. Also the price depends on the form in which we are getting the flowers arranged.
These funeral flowers can be ordered the day they are to be sent or even weeks in advance. The delivery charges depend on when the booking is done and also the address to which the flowers are to be delivered.

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